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Mike DeFee DMD, PhD

Dr. Mike DeFee is the founder of MOD Aesthetics, and oversees all clinical operations at the private practice. He is also the managing director of MOD Research, directly overseeing new research initiatives.

He previously founded My Friend’s Dentist, a private practice in North Carolina which became the 1st Certified B-Corporation practice on the east coast. He stewarded the organization through a digital transformation leading to triple digital growth during his leadership. The practice was acquired by Light Wave Dental in early 2021.

An alumni of The Dawson Academy, Dr. DeFee has published over 10 articles in peer reviewed journals including The Journal of Virology and Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Mike DeFee MOD Institute Profile

The intersection of research, hands-on technology and AI is right around the corner.

We are privileged to practice at the forefront of an era of unprecedented innovation and betterment of patient care. Algorithm-based design assistance, advancement in materials and the forward leap of technologies like 3D printing equates to new, exciting ways to treat, and better, patients.
As technology companies step deeper into the user experience, the barriers to learning these advancements continues to drop, and that's what excites me - hands on learning that is repeatable and applicable the Monday morning after class.   — Dr. Mike DeFee

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